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  1. @modestgoddess: In my spare time I enjoy cat wrangling...

    A funny image of a cat in a headlock popped up in my head when I read that.

    @DN: Plus, finding some serious eye candy to post for everyones enjoyment later. I know Amaya likes the last pics I sent her.

    Yes LAWD! Did y'all see THAT man???? Or am I the fortunate one? Still enjoying them, btw. He may end up in the same Shortie with Peter Le. I'm thinking sandwiches!

    "Korea is hiding all the Sexy and not telling anybody."

    Damn it, I knew should have applied for that teaching position in Korea that the DoD sent me.

  2. @Amaya

    You were the fortunate one along with Ankh.

    @ Ankh

    Really though, how did I get an invite?

    I guess you are telling me to wear contacts now instead of my glasses when I go out?

    I will try after payday. I guess I should wear my hair curly too because the ends refuse to straighten. People seem to like it more here then when it is straight. I get way more attention,.

    Okay, friends are taking me to the club this weekend and we will test the wearing contacts and fro with headband scarf theory + apparently they are taking me club clothes shopping(?).

  3. All present and accounted for. Finally!

  4. The Narrative bids farewell to DN & Bcbgrl33.

    Catch up with them on their personal blogs!

    DN in Korea


  5. eccentricyoruba is so cute! Welcome Christopher!

  6. Welcome Chris! Much love to you writers! You do a great job!!

  7. i couldn't post this in the contact us part maybe its my browser but This is the link to a post on a website and its about Africans and Koreans discussing colonization. http://www.lipstickalley.com/f4/debate-between-koreans-africans-about-colonialism-400541/

  8. Well that's a good looking bunch......

  9. I just stumbled upon this blog yet again. I'd totally love to do a small segment for you guys and gals if it's ever a given oppertunity~

  10. Does anyone know of any sites that you can find pen pals to teach you Japanese or Korean? I mean REAL pen pals. I only emphasize that because I asked around and got sent to hook up sites and that is not what I'm looking for.

    1. Our Narrator Hateya speaks Japanese and resides in Japan so she would know best.

      Our former Narrator DN resides in Korea and she once recommended this:


  11. As an American of Negro (Black American) descent, and a self described Nipponophile (as a writer and artist I was heavily influenced by Anime, Manga and Japanese cinema) I must confess I happened upon the Narrative quit by accident. I'm enjoying the insights of the narrators. Admittedly, I was aware of the broader Japanese population's negative views of Blacks but also understood that historically, this stemmed from America's post WWII policy of elevating everything "white". It is refreshing that the cultural shift is happening, with over 80% of Japanese citizens viewing President Obama's election positively and 73% of Asian Americans voting for him. I will continue to push for multi-cultural acceptance and global cooperation in all its forms. Keep up the good work.

  12. Have you seen this regarding Rain endorsing whitening cream? http://kyuthekoreanamerican.blogspot.com/2010/04/white-therapy.html
    The blog post is a bit old, but should generate some interesting conversation.

  13. As a BW who is currently working on her BA in Asian Studies, I can't believe I am just now stumbling across this blog. I am so glad I found it and I am utterly intrigued. I love the idea of what is happening here and it makes me want to get more involved with my passion and obsession. I have always been interested in the dynamics between Asians and everyone, but with a heavy leaning towards Blacks. I am also a closet writer and I spend my time showcasing how great the Blasian relation is through fanfiction. Anyway, forgive my babbling about myself, I am just ecstatic that I came across this place that somehow manages to incorporate a lot of my interests. I'll be coming back regularly.

  14. id like to contact the editor of the blog, i run a journal and this certainly seems quite interesting and indeed progressive, i cannot find the email address in the contact us section so please do let me know.
    kind regards


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